Courses Taught

University Writing

WRIT 1301 introduces students to rhetorical principles that provide a framework for successful written communication in college and beyond. Students study and write in a variety of genres and disciplines, and in multimodal forms. The courses focus on writing as a way of knowing and learning to develop ideas through critical thinking, including analysis and synthesis. Based on the assumption that writing is a social activity, the course is a workshop format and requires active engagement in the writing process, including pre-writing, peer review, revision, and editing. Students develop information literacy and hone the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively and ethically incorporate information into their own texts.

Technical and Professional Writing

This course introduces students to technical and professional writing through various readings and assignments in which students analyze and create texts that work to communicate complex information, solve problems, and complete tasks. Students gain knowledge of workplace genres as well as to develop skills in composing such genres. This course allows students to practice rhetorically analyzing writing situations and composing genres such as memos, proposals, instructions, research reports, and presentations. Students work in teams to develop collaborative content and to compose in a variety of modes including text, graphics, video, audio, and digital. Students also conduct both primary and secondary research and practice usability testing. The course emphasizes creating documents that are goal-driven and appropriate for a specific context and audience.

Rhetoric, Technology, and the Internet

This course examines the rich and complex ways people are seeking to inform and persuade others via the internet. Western rhetorical theories have adapted to address spoken, written, visual, and digital communication. The internet incorporates aspects of all of these modes of communication, but it also requires us to revisit how we have understood them. Students in Rhetoric, Technology, and the Internet will reinforce their understandings of rhetorical theories and the internet as a technology. The class will also ask students to read current scholarly work about the internet, and develop the critical tools needed to complement, extend, or challenge that work.

Sample Syllabi